CBP Seizes $1.1 Million of Counterfeit Mobile Phone Accessories

On March 14, 2017, U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP), Office of Field Operations, at the Charleston seaport, seized an estimated $1.1 million in counterfeit mobile phone accessories originating from China, including phone cases, chargers, cables, and headphones. The phone accessories unlawfully bore images and markings from companies such as Apple, USB, Bluetooth, Blu-Ray, LG, and Hello Kitty. The importation of these accessories was found to be unauthorized and in violation of various registered trademarks. Additionally, approximately 38,000 power adapters contained the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) mark, representing that they had been tested in an accredited FCC laboratory and met certain operating standards.

If you are currently importing or are considering importing products which bear a registered trademark, contact Davidson Law Group, P.A. today, to ensure you are in compliance with the many intellectual property laws which may govern the product!

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